Ways to Help Deal With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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Quite a few women are afflicted with polycystic ovarian syndrome, also known as PCOS, but may not even know it. If you are aware of having this
condition, there are ways to help control it without necessarily needing help from your GP or medical doctor.

Essentially, the symptoms of PCOS are a result of a hormonal and metabolic imbalance. About 10% of women are afflicted by PCOS. When a woman has PCOS, it means her adrenal glands produce more androgens than normal. If there are too many of this type of hormone then it can cause an interference with normal egg production including the release of the eggs during the ovulation process.

There are a few complex symptoms associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is still unknown as to what exactly causes PCOS but it’s not uncommon for the sufferer to also develop ovarian cysts. So, assuming you’re aware you have PCOS, what can you do? Below are some suggestions:

1) Eat healthy and if you don’t now, then start as soon as possible. Cut out as many simple carbs and add complex, fiber rich carbs to your diet. You don’t want your insulin levels to become imbalanced.

2) If you don’t already, start exercising. By exercising more, you increase your metabolism and the healthier your body gets, the better it’ll be able to control the levels of insulin which is a contributing factor in PCOS.

3) Just remember, you’re NOT alone! There are 1000s of women who are suffering from different levels of PCOS so finding an online support group may be very helpful for you.

4) Ask your doctor or specialist more about PCOS and what you can do to help live the most fulfilling life possible.Basically, become informed, start eating better and exercising. This advice goes for most people, not just those of you suffering from PCOS but, it can help with PCOS too!

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