Treating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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For those women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome many of the symptoms can be daunting. Some may not even know they actually have this condition and be worrying about some of the more painful effect that come about as a result of this condition. Cysts present in the ovaries can cause excruciating pain and fear is often something which stops us from getting medical help and advice. However, the good news is that once diagnosed treated is available and there are lots of preventative measures that can be taken as self help techniques.

The most common form of treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome is one that is not only obvious but also one that avoids any invasive surgery. Usually though, an ultrasound scan is preformed in order to determine the condition, its severity and to eliminate anything else than could actually have similar symptoms and require alternative treatment. The easiest form of treatment for PCOS is that of weight loss and combating obesity.

The common feature of PCOS is the presence of ovarian cysts and it is the presence of these cysts which leads to the body malfunctioning. Ovarian cysts can actually cause the body to become insulin resistant and therefore increase the likelihood of weight gain and obesity. BY reducing the amount of sugars we eat and replacing it with proteins and fibres we can reduce the androgen production which is one of the main causes for the development of ovarian cysts.

Alongside weight loss other treatments include regulating the menstrual cycle with oral contraception. This can help reduce the risk of endometrial cancer and other health risks associated with the absence of menstruation. Surgery is another option that can help relief the pain of ovarian cysts and medication can be taken to help control ovulation when irregularities make conception difficult.

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